Lamanage Coop Company of the ports of Le Havre and Antifer
It's mooring, dropping, hauling,...

Patented and qualified Seamen working around the clock, 24hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lamanage Coop Company of the ports of Le Havre and Antifer is a private company that exists since 1937, and is approved by the Grand Port Maritime du Havre.

The harbor was founded in 1517 by François 1er. The fishermen were familiar with the coast and accompanied ships offshore to the port with their row boats, then moored them at the dock.

The history of Lamanage in the port of Le Havre has long been linked to the pilot station. It was not until 1937 that the two services were separated.

Lamanage of Le Havre consists of 68 marine linemen, 17 launches between 7-17 meters spread throughout the port and 12 mooring trucks.

We cater to all seagoing vessels encompassing the 10,000 hectares of the port: from the sea wall to the Tancarville lock, as well as Antifer.

We moor vessels of all sizes (from 30 to 400 m), carrying all kinds of goods and under any weather conditions.

We can adapt to any type of docking, be it the specificity of each post, by the various moorings (nylon and steel), the tidal range (up to almost 8 m away from the tide Havre) and the various ships.

We always work closely with the harbor authority, pilotage and towing to prevent and anticipate any situation that could lead to an accident, given the dangerous nature of our business.

Ships use on average between 12 and 20 hawsers.

There are several types of mooring:

We generally use mooring trucks on the dock, but we also use launches.

On the pier and the Duke d'Alba, we must use the launches to bring the ship's mooring lines to shore.

At the open sea port of Antifer , the vessel size and therefore the lines require the use of two 11m mini tugboats in order to moor tankers of 300,000 tons.

We are always on site at the port. We also play a security role for vessels and can provide high speed security interventions, from entering the port until they leave the breakwater.

We are also involved in combating pollution through nautical supplies and human resources for the implementation of dams. Moreover, as part of the agreement with the GPMH, training exercises are held regularly.

We provide marine crew for maneuvering of ships or barges.

We also have a speed launch taxi service with Saint-Sauveur for crew rotations, transporting of experts and technicians on ships at anchor.
Administration :
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Technical Services :
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