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Port of Le Havre welcomes CMA CGM Marco Polo
It was 6:55 on 19/12/2012, the CMA CGM Marco Polo has berthed for the first time in Port 2000 at Terminal de France. With a length of 395m, 54m wide and 16m max draft, it can carry 16,020 TEUs, making it the largest container ships in the world.


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Intervention Storm November 24, 2012
With winds of over 60 knots, the linemen have occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday on a ship which lines broke under the pressure of the wind. Thanks to the ways boating on site within 15 minutes, the ship was able to dock safely. The teams had to intervene for 4h to re-moor it. Other teams and launch were safely on ships around during this operation.

ISO 9001 Certification
The Lamanage of Le Havre is ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

Our quality policy

The Lamanage is a doubly demanding trade:

- It is demanding vis-à -vis customers because shipping companies cannot afford to lose valuable time with their vessels in the port area, so it is always necessary to be able to act quickly;

- It is demanding for the workers because the services must be provided with the same level of quality and safety for people and property, regardless of the date, time, traffic conditions or weather.

That is why we set the following intangible rules to ensure the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers and partners:

• We ensure continuous service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year;

• We strive to preserve the know-how, the experience and the professionalism of the boatmen and the values of the Coop: equality, equal rights and duties, equal implication.

• We have high-performance equipment: it is always ready to use, reliable and in good condition, always capable of dealing with any situation that may arise.

Additionally, we practice our profession in the particular port environment amid increasingly high demands in terms of safety and security in strict compliance with the regulations set forth by the maritime and port authorities.

The quality system that is in place serves as a guide and reference to achieve this goal, including ensuring an efficient flow of information between the various actors of Lamanage and dealing effectively with any problems that may arise.


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